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Meet the people who are making a
difference in our community


“Together, we have a way – through this organization – to coordinate various projects, identify the need for new policies and create better and stronger services to meet the needs of those facing homelessness in our community.”

— Janet Meeks, Education Coordinator, City of Delray Beach


“As a community outreach officer for the City of Delray Beach, I’ve seen firsthand how this  initiative has  helped people facing homelessness.  The support, resources and services have allowed many to find housing, get jobs and experience success in their lives.”

— Officer Damien Ferraiolo, Delray Beach Police Department


“The real value of the group is the networking. Each month we exchange information and coordinate efforts. There’s so much benefit in understanding what people are doing out there and how we can reach out and support each other. We avoid duplication of effort and work together to support those in need.”
— Kathleen Megan and Judy Feeney, volunteers for the Caring Kitchen/CROS Ministries


“Our role is to help people navigate the system and get the help they need. We work together to provide wrap around services to meet each individual’s needs.”

—  Ariana Ciancio, Community Outreach Coordinator, Delray Beach Police Department

“Delray Beach is a community of pioneers working collaboratively to find shelter and support for individuals and families in need, all in an effort to end homelessness together.”

—  Shona Castillo, Program Director, CROS Ministries – Caring Kitchen

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